ENFP: Here’s a unique way to find your passion

What’s your passion? Many ENFP’s have so many different hobbies and interests it’s nearly impossible to get them to narrow them down.

But its helpful to know specifically what you are passionate about. Especially when it comes to choosing a career path. Trust me, I switched major’s countless times in college before I graduated.

What’s your passion?

Instead of thinking about all the things you sort of like and debating in your head whether or not you are passionate about them; Or getting distracted thinking about all the hobbies you have yet try. I suggest taking a different approach.

Write down a few things that aggravate you. Try to pick something that has irked you continuously for years. 

 Next, write down what irritates you about it: the more detail, the better. 

Finally, ask yourself in a perfect world, how would you prevent each of these irritations from occurring?

The point of this exercise is for you to see that the solutions you wrote for what annoys you are your hidden passions. 

Let’s say houses that appear clean on the surface but have messy drawers, bedrooms and closets drive you crazy. Your solution might be to set up a comprehensive system for each area to prevent the mess from occurring. In this case, one of your passions is creating organized systems., I would advise exploring different hobbies and careers that involve developing organized systems to see the full potential of your passion.

Hope this method opens your mind to passions that you wouldn’t have considered before.

Please share some of your passions below!

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