ENFP: 3 reasons why you need to take time to plan

ENFP’s stop rolling your eyes. I know planning isn’t our “thing” but I have listed 3 reasons why planning can actually make your life a little easier.

  • Planning takes the pressure off: I spent years convincing myself that I work better under pressure. In reality, the day before a deadline approached, I was stressed out overeating, missing sleep, and felt unsatisfied with the final results.
  • It’s far less stressful to take time to plan out little steps towards a more significant project. It is too much pressure to expect to have all the answers on a moment’s notice.
  • Planning ahead allows you to give attention to each step required toward achieving your goal. In return, this increases your chances of being happy with the outcome.
  • Planning gives you more variety: I use to roll my eyes at people who raved about meal planning. It seemed like they were taking all the spontaneity out of eating by planning meals so far into the future.
  • However, my entire opinion about meal planning changed during quarantine. Every week it seemed as though I was eating the same 3 meals in rotation pizza, chicken, pasta add a vegetable of your choice to the mix.
  • Meal planning adds variety to your menu and gives you time to research new recipes you may want to try. Highly recommend meal planning instead of deciding what to cook when you are hungry. 
  • Planning ahead=more time for fun: Making a plan and sticking with the plan gives you more time to enjoy life.  
  • It’s miserable going through life constantly feeling guilty for doing things you enjoy because you neglected a responsibility to do them.
  • Get rid of the mental to-do list and write down a plan to get those tasks done. You will have more satisfaction in your leisure time, knowing you have a plan to tackle your never-ending to-do list. If you are struggling with staying focus should check out my previous article Your key to success: 3 tips to stay focused for ENFP.

What are your thoughts on planning?

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