3 Unpopular Opinions ENFPs agree with

ENFPs are known for having strong opinions about the most random things. Here is my list of unpopular opinions I think most ENFPs would agree with.

That you should indeed talk to strangers- Like most children, I was taught growing up not to speak to strangers. However, as I got older, I realized that I learn the most by interacting with strangers.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, whether it be on the bus, going for a walk, grocery store, online, in an elevator, I love talking to strangers.

It’s okay not to be a master of anything- I said it. It’s okay to have multiple hobbies and careers and not master any of them.

It’s hard for an ENFP to put all their focus into only a few interests. One of the many pleasures of life is having the option to change up your hobbies or career path.

I do understand that we live in a society where we are encouraged to find our passion or niche. If you are struggling with this I suggest you check out a previous post of mine ENFP Unique way to find your passion.

It’s okay to obsessively research information you have no intention of sharing with the world- I go through spells of finding a new topic researching everything there is to know about the topic and keeping everything, I learned about it quietly to myself.

I get this urge to obsessively research new topics and do nothing with the information I find quite frequently. I have no desire to ever stop doing this.

ENFPs those are my unpopular opinions, what are some of yours?

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