Self Care advice for ENFP

I am an empath.

In fact, I have noticed that many ENFPs are also empaths.

With everything going on in life and the world, it’s important not to let what you see, read, and hear demolish your inner peace.

Of course, everything isn’t going to be happy and cheery all of the time. I am certainly not advising you to ignore the concerns of people you love or people you don’t know. But you need to build a wall of peace that cannot break no matter what happens in life.

I have learned the hard way you can’t change your mood based on every little thing that happens good or bad throughout the day. It’s the fastest way to burn yourself out, and you aren’t helping anyone when you are emotionally drained and burnt out.

It’s crucial as an empath to build a wall of inner peace and funnel information so you can be empathetic and helpful without constantly absorbing the emotions of everyone and everything around you.

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