ENFP: 3 tips to help you become more self-aware

In my opinion.

ENFPs are more self-aware than most Myer-Briggs personalities. We enjoy learning and exploring different parts of our personality.

That being said I have made a list of 3 tips for ENFPs who are beginning their journey to becoming more self-aware.

Be open to receiving constructive criticism- The keyword here is constructive. Feedback given in the form of malicious name-calling or bullying behavior is not constructive criticism.

Telling someone something they may not want to hear is hard for a lot of people.

If someone you respect pulls you aside to give some constructive criticism, be open to listening to what they have to say. It’s a strong chance they are able to see blinds spots that you may not be aware of.

Believe compliments you receive- The older I get, the more I realize people don’t go out of their way to give praises for the sake of being kind; they actually mean them.

Next time someone compliments you, don’t fight it; just say thank you and believe they meant it. 

Also, pay attention to patterns in the compliments you receive even if you disagree with the compliments. If you’re repeatedly told by numerous people that you are a very patient person, chances are you are a very patient person, even if you disagree, majority rules in this situation.

Know your strengths and weaknesses- This tip is my favorite. As an ENFP personality type, my goal in life is to try everything!

Which great as long as you know the difference between trying something and being successful at something.

Everything you try will not be a home run; that’s fine. It takes all kinds to make the world go round know what strengths and weaknesses you bring into the mix. 

Being aware of your strengths is not just helpful for job interviews. It’s essential to be mindful of strengths because you need to use and build upon your strengths to help make your navigation through life a little easier. The same goes for weaknesses; take note of areas you typically struggle with, work on improving them, or finding help to accommodate your weaknesses. All of this is important in helping you develop self-awareness.

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