ENFP: 4 ways to get out of a funk

Most ENFP’s have a rare talent for seeing the bright side in most situations. Many of our friends and family come to us when they need encouragement.

But sometimes we are the ones that need encouragement.

Every year when summer ends and fall begins I find myself in a funk. I don’t know if its the change in weather that causes it or the fact that the next “holiday” to look forward to is Halloween (sigh).


Here is my list of things that I do to help me get out of a funk.

Play your favorite upbeat songs – Music is so healing but for whatever reason when I get into a funk I forget music exists. I want to be left alone in silence to think about all my thoughts for hours on end. Doing this will not help you get out of a funk in fact it is guaranteed to make it worse. Break up the silence and put on some uplifting tunes.

Smell something good. Put on your favorite lotion, or light a candle. Good smells trick my mind into thinking things are better than they seem. Smelling something good also brings back memories of happier times you associate with that smell.

Make your bed. Seems simple but you would be surprised at how much a made bed can encourage you. Especially on days you feel overwhelmed with life and don’t know where to start. Start with making your bed.

And by making your bed I don’t mean picking up the pillows and sheets off the floor and carelessly placing them back on the bed. But truly take the time to neatly make your bed.

Help someone else. If none of the other tips work this one will for sure do the trick. ENFPs enjoy encouraging people its something that comes natural to them. When you are in a funk it’s hard to remember that this is something that brings you joy. Take your mind off yourself and go brighten someone else’s day.

Thanks for reading! Please share what helps you get out of a funk?


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    1. sarasglossary

      For me a funk is when I feel gloomy, moody and not as enthusiastic as I normally am about life for no particular reason. It usually happens when the days start getting shorter and summer ends. Normally I can get myself out of the funk by doing some of the things I mentioned in this post. Thanks for commenting 😊

  1. dmfacials

    I am an ENFP too! I enjoyed your tips… I try not to get in a “funk” but when I do, I do love music and smells and especially the beach. It clears my mind and lifts my soul. n

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