ENFP: 3 Autobiographies you should read

I enjoy reading autobiographies. I learn so much reading someone’s struggles, successes, and the advice they learned along the way. It’s a reminder that we all are on a different journey, and the sky is the limit on the path we can take to reach our destination.

 Of course, any personality type might enjoy these autobiographies. I specifically choose these three autobiographies for ENFPs because the authors are driven by unlimited possibilities, the freedom to be themselves, and along the way, meet unique personalities that encourage them to use their passion to connect with the world. All traits that strongly appeal to ENFP personality.

Q The autobiography of Quincy Jones This is one of my favorite autobiographies. Quincy’s life story is almost magical. He came from such humble beginnings and traveled the world as a jazz musician.  I also love the slang from the 40’s ’50s, and 60’s Quincy uses throughout the book. Quincy’s story encourages me to take chances and live life to the fullest.

If reading is not your thing: I recommend watching Quincy, a documentary on Netflix about Quincy Jone’s life.

If you have to cry, go outside, and other things your mother never told you– Kelly Cutrone is a successful fashion publicist based in New York. Kelly shares her experience moving from the Midwest to New York City and all the things she had to learn along the way to survive and become the woman she is today. Kelly is blunt and honest about her mistakes and successes. Kelly’s story inspires me to embrace what makes me different and unique. 

If reading is not your thing: Kelly has been on numerous television shows. I recommend watching her on The Hills, The City, Kell on Earth, and America’s Next Top Model.

I Put A Spell On You: The Autobiography Of Nina Simone– Nina Simone is an exceptionally talented singer. Nina gives us the story behind some of her most famous songs, opens up about her struggle with mental health, and many other hardships she endured along the way. Nina’s story empowers me to stand for what I believe in, even if it means standing alone.

If reading is not your thing: I recommend watching What happened, Miss Simone? a documentary on Netflix about Nina Simone’s life.

Thank you for reading!! Please let me know if you have read any of these autobiographies? Also share some of your favorite autobiographies.


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