ENFP: 4 Helpful Organization Tips

ENFPs, in general, struggle with disorganization. It’s so important to be honest with yourself if an organization method is not working for you. Even if everyone raves about it, you aren’t doing yourself any favors to continue doing something that is not helpful. Here are my tips I have learned that help me stay organized.

Remove all visual clutter from every single room- Keep only a few items out on your desk, kitchen and bathroom counters, tables, etc. The bare minimum should be left out in your living area; everything else should be put away. 

If you’re an out of sight out of mind person, then this tip will not be helpful. But, if your someone like myself who quickly gets distracted or overwhelmed seeing everything, they own gazing at you all day. Put your stuff away where you can’t see it. I love the feeling of waking up or walking into a clutter-free home so I can think fresh thoughts and new ideas. 

Have a home for every item- I’ve heard this tip many times before and made temporary homes for everything. The temporary homes became permanent homes, which soon turned into clutter. 

Think of each room in your home as a retail store take inventory of what you have. Make a list of categories and see where each item falls. Somethings can share homes if they are in a similar category, example nail files, nail polish remover, and nail polish can share the same space.  

Make sure items are easy to put away and easy to find- This is my favorite tip, because if a thing is too hard to put away or find I will not put it back. Pay attention to where you naturally want to place items after using them. If you tend to drop your keys off right on the kitchen table, then put a beautiful bowl on the kitchen table for your keys. 

I know for me it helps to put items away close by where I would use them; for example, close to my printer, I have a basket for printer ink and paper. It may seem like a great idea to put your printer supplies in a closet far away from the printer; in my experience, if it’s too hard to put away, I will not put it away. If you are struggling to decide where to place items, think about how you would feel having to put the thing away on your laziest and most stressful days. 

Declutter problem areas at least once a month– For example, paper is a massive problem for me. I do as much as I can electronically to avoid paper statements, but no matter how hard I try, I still end up with a stack of mail every month. The “home” I have set aside for mail is overflowing with paper.

The benefit of decluttering problem areas is you will naturally notice if you need to create subcategories within the area your decluttering. For example, I found that taxes, insurance policies, warranty information needs a separate home from bills and relevant receipts. 

Decluttering the problem areas has helped me be more mindful of what causes me the most stress in my life.  If I feel overwhelmed and disorganized, I can guarantee you it’s because I have stacks of paper out that have not been assigned a home.

Thanks for reading! Please share any advice you have learned on how to stay organized. 


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  1. mphtheatregirl

    True- never been good at organizing. However, there are some things I am better at- all of my playbills are stored in a box, my bookshelf has books sorted first by genre and then by author- for instance.

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